Dragon orb is a setting created by me Andrew Cady to use a resource while trying to write a novel.

The Dragon Orb itself is simply the maguffin of the tale and may actually change as the story and world get more fleshed out.

The name of the world is Dreygada a land of high magic, where men now rule and dragons that once held the world in its thrall haven’t been seen for a couple hundred years. Kingdoms war each other and the floating College of Sorcery does it’s best to maintain neutrality while its darks sects pull the stings that shape the kingdoms.

The History of Dreygada along with Dragon Orb has been mostly forgotten in the few centuries that have past since the fall of the Dragons.

Magic is very prevalent in the world of Dreygada and mages are a dime a dozen throughout the world. In fact their are four tiers of magic users the mage, the magi, the wizard, and the sorcerer. Magic has a large downside in Dreygada however; it corrupts all who use it. Corruption can start out as a simple wart here or there about ones person, but it can also grow to constant rash or boils along ones back. These things do fade with time if one reframes from using magic, but those that use magic often and expend great power become hideously deformed. This type of Corruption can not be reversed.